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Care for your hair this summer!

We're all pretty good at remembering to protect our skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays at this time

of year, but are we keeping on top of our hair care?

Just like our skin, our hair can suffer in the summer as we jet off on holiday, relax in the pool or hit the beach. UV rays, chlorine, sand and saltwater can result in split ends, frizz, dull colours and breakage.

Keeping our hair protected in the summer is vital to achieving soft, shiny and healthy tresses. There are plenty of sun protection products on the market such as oils, sprays, shampoo and conditioners and creams.

Our Creative Consultant, Amir Komeyli, shares his favourite hair protection products this summer:

"I'm a huge fan of the SERIE EXPERT range from L'Oreal as it's such a versatile line of products suitable for many hair types and issues. The Solar Sublime products are a must have this summer to keep your locks looking gorgeous for those poolside Instagram photos!"

L'Oreal Solar Sublime Protection Spray

"Just like putting SPF on your skin before you venture out into the sun, this should be applied to your hair. This protection spray with UV filter and Aloe Vera creates a very light protective film around hair fibres to ensure it's nourished and protected. Your hair is left feeling soft and light with a natural-looking shine without looking greasy!"

L'Oreal Solar Sublime Shampoo

"You've spent the day by the pool or on the beach and it's time to get showered and dressed for dinner. This is an absolute summer must have as this shampoo works as an after-sun for your hair. Enriched with a UV filter, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, it cleanses and nourishes hair to counteract the drying and frizz you often experience after heavy exposure to sun, salt and chlorine."

L'Oreal Solar Sublime Mask

"Your hair will need a bit more TLC during summer and this mask is perfect for replenishing hair fibres. This mask, as with the rest of the range, contains Aloe Vera extract to help counteract the effect of sun, sea and chlorine. You might not need to take this one away with you but definitely worth doing once or twice a month whilst we're enjoying this good weather!"

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