Celebrate with us!

Celebrate our birthday with us! We're having a birthday week, we've decided one day isn't enough. Pop in throughout the week and help us celebrate a fantastic first year. There will be cake and prosecco!

One of our clients who has been with us since day one has written this short piece to celebrate our first birthday!

I dialled quickly before I changed my mind. I was due to have my beloved hair extensions removed and was keen to get my mop booked in with someone who could save what was left of my hair. I'd been living in Bristol and had found a fabulous hairdresser but I had just moved back to Sevenoaks after six years and didn't know where to start - I've had more than my share of bad experiences at various salons!

A rather enthusiastic sounding lad picked up my call and I explained my dire situation. Right away he put me at ease and talked me through different options. Without even meeting him, I felt like he knew his stuff and that I could trust him. I booked my appointment and despite this kind-sounding chap's reassurance, I was silently dreading Saturday. Anyway, you don't need the details of my personal hair journey, what you do need to know is that I was so impressed with my experience with Amir that I instantly booked in again for five weeks time and have done ever since. That was back in August of 2018.

We've become great friends - probably because hairdressers are basically therapists and he knows all my secrets!

On the anniversary of his first year in business, I wanted to take a moment to tell you why I, and many others, are so incredibly proud of him, his team and what they have achieved.

Amir launched his own salon, COCO Hair & Beauty, in March 2019 and it has since gone from strength to strength. He has incredible passion for his craft and it has become infectious! His team mirror his enthusiasm for industry knowledge, latest trends and new techniques. When Summer joined the team, they grew stronger yet. Her incredible talent and genuine love of hair meant that Amir had found his right-hand (wo)man.

Like most successful entrepreneurs, his passion began at a young age, always checking his reflection in the mirror (or any reflective surface for that matter) making sure his hair was on point - and for anyone that knows him, you will agree that he still does this! He started out in an independent salon before beginning his training with a big chain. Since the launch of his solo venture, he has barely stopped to breathe and always puts his clients first! He stays late, he has come in especially and has worked seven days a week but it's paid off, because he has now made a name for himself and the salon in Sevenoaks!

I won't inflate his ego too much more, other than to say, Amir - I am so proud of you, Summer and everything you have both achieved over the past year. I know many others will join me in congratulating you and the COCO team on a successful 12 months. Here's to the next 12! <3

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